Daniel – Malawi 2018





Daniel - Malawi 2018

Praxis sponsored

From July 6th to July 15th, Daniel went to Malawi to build two separate homes for vulnerable families in the village of Likongwe. There, he assisted in the construction of the homes by laying bricks, spreading and carrying mud, erecting scaffolding, and fitting window frames. The house he worked on most was built for Lucia Jabesi. Lucia is a 69-year-old widow who has a leg length discrepancy, and is HIV positive. She, along with the two orphans she has been caring for, have been staying in a very dilapidated one-room house, with a dried mud floor that leaks heavily whenever it rains. She was not able to raise enough funds to build a standard house on her own since she was dependent on doing short-term jobs such as farming other people’s fields and washing clothes for others to subsist. Her new home will have three separate rooms, a cement floor, a sheet-metal roof, three windows, and a lockable door.

“I praise God for choosing me to be one of the beneficiaries for this project because I will never have to deal with house issues anymore and my family will change for the better,” Lucia commented.

To see more from this trip, please see the attached video put together by Dan: Malawi, 2018