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Praxis Infrastructure & Construction Internship 2024

Joseph Tonna was the recipient of a specially designed Long Island-based college internship for students majoring in construction and building infrastructure. Joseph is a Building and Construction Technology (BCT) major at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

The Praxis Infrastructure & Construction Internship offers hands-on experience in large-scale construction projects, encompassing areas such as architectural planning, engineering, project management, and sustainability practices. During his internship, Joseph had the opportunity to work with experienced professionals and participate in site visits, project meetings, and workshops. He  gained practical skills in modern construction technologies, building design, and infrastructure development, while also learning about safety regulations and environmental considerations in construction.

This program is ideal for students seeking to bridge academic knowledge with real-world application in the construction industry.

A special thanks to the following organizations that so generously participated in this year’s program, offering hours of hands-on expertise and construction site experience:

Heatherwood Luxury Rentals, Posillico, E .W. Howell, Cord Meyer, and The Haugland Group.