Government Relations




Government Relations

Praxis is a trusted and discreet governmental consulting firm serving the Long Island region. We help our clients navigate the more than 900 state, county, town, village and related municipal labyrinths. Beginning with a strong commitment to ethical behavior and over 20 years of experience, we offer our clients access to a network of close working relationships with municipalities, government agencies, public utilities and local advocacy organizations. Praxis helps resolve complex regulatory and bureaucratic challenges. We employ a creative and varied set of proven tactics focused on achieving the timely delivery of governmental services and decisions.

Praxis residential and commercial land use services assist in discerning the municipal threshold for potential zoning and planning applications and identifying probable impediments and stumbling blocks prior to a client spending significant financial resources. We assist in formulating a comprehensive strategic plan that considers labor construction issues, potential state and local tax incentives, community mobilization, and the need to proactively problem-solve the ever-changing political and governmental landscape on Long Island.

Our track record of accomplishments has been and will continue to be predicated upon our commitment to ethical behavior and the creation of a dynamic WIN-WIN situation for both our clients and the Long Island community.

Praxis researches all business inquiries, screens for potential conflicts with existing clients and insists upon working in a compatible organizational culture prior to engagement.