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All Things Long Island

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Navigating the business, governmental and political climate of Long Island, New York can be a daunting task. With its 901 separate taxing jurisdictions; 97 villages; 13 towns; 2 cities; 2 counties; 125 school districts; more than 125 fire departments; 100’s of civic, labor and environmental organizations; and multiple zoning, planning, architectural, historical boards and commissions, Long Island presents a myriad of structural, regulatory, community and business challenges.


The good news is Long Island also has a number of exceptional resources to draw upon in order to facilitate informed decision-making, effective planning and the wise use of organizational assets. Praxis believes strongly in assimilating the latest analytics, regional data and local thought leadership into the planning and decision-making process.


The resources, websites, studies, opinion articles and multi-media presentations referenced, while not all-inclusive, offer an excellent starting point and ongoing research tool for those committed to making informed decisions. This section of our website will be regularly updated and designed to provide our clients and friends with some of the most cutting-edge regional information and data available.


We have also added a Staff TED Talks/YouTube/Media Picks Section, as an avenue for our Praxis Team to express and share what we find aspirational, inspirational and thought provoking.


We sincerely hope this website section guides, inspires and informs those willing and able to invest in this wonderful region we call Long Island.