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Give Boldly

The Heart and Soul of Praxis

We are passionate about recognizing how blessed we are to find honorable and meaningful work. We are appreciative to be associated with some of the most ethical and philanthropic organizations conducting business on Long Island. We are overwhelmed by our clients’ generosity on behalf of Long Island’s poor, hungry, homeless, unemployed, suffering veterans, sick and abused. We see their commitment in assisting those protecting our environmental resources; those advocating for racial, gender, sexual orientation and pay equity; those advocating for better educational opportunities, immigrants, healthcare, mental illness and addiction-related services. We are especially appreciative of our clients’ commitment in supporting those working to erase the scourge of institutional and structural racism. Long Island has a hearty and robust group of well run and mission focused nonprofits working tirelessly to address some of the most intractable societal problems facing our region. We are heartened to witness our clients’ willingness to partner with these organizations.

Our clients’ leadership in support of the numerous unselfish and dedicated nonprofit organizations on Long Island inspires Praxis to do more and be more for Long Island. We are committed to utilizing our time, talents, organizational resources, financial resources and imagination to hope for a better, more compassionate Long Island.

Some Live To Work…

Some Work To Live…

Praxis Works To Give…